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Medellin Taxi and Transport can take you away from the ordinary.

Medellin offers night party tour planning in Medellin, Colombia. This tour is by far the most popular. We are chosen by many companies and VIPs ( Like you ). We also provide premier service to the airport, casino, sports events, a night out, and more. Concierge and bachelor parties are our specialties. It was a warm summer night, and the city was energetic. The neon lights illuminated the streets as people poured out of their apartments and into the night, ready to party. ( This could be you ) Among them was a group of friends dressed up and ready to hit the town. They had been planning this night out for weeks, and now it was finally here. As they made their way to the club, they could feel their excitement building. The music was pumping when they arrived. They grabbed a few drinks and joined the fun, laughing and dancing the night away. It was a night they would never forget, full of laughter, dancing, and new memories. They knew they would always look back on this night fondly and that it would be a story they would tell for years.

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Forget the “normal” itinerary. Want to go beyond the guidebook? Connect with a Colombian local to plan your trip since no one knows Colombia like us. We can design an itinerary introducing you to the *real* Colombia. Why see it any other way?

The tours and trips others provide are excellent, and we have them, but we also take you to where the locals go. Frequently, these places are better, cheaper, and more authentic. Have an adventure!

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Latest car models with AC
Fully personalized services
Certified professional guides and drivers
Personal accident insurance policy for travelers
Exceptional service for persons with any physical disability
Only company to guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.
Get the most out of your stay and spend a whole day with a professional local guide who will show you beyond Medellin’s so-called tourist icons on a fully narrated tour with flexible departure times any day of the week. Medellin VIP Transport has all the tours you may see on other sites.
Note: Don’t forget to take cash with you if you want to buy goods or beverages that are not included because some shops or local restaurants may not accept credit cards.

Let us share with you our love and passion for our city! Our tours are run by locals (born and raised in Medellin) who are eager to share their stories and experiences with you.

Rather than guides, we are storytellers. We go beyond showing you the sights to offer a different perspective, always aiming to be honest and open-minded.

Join us on one of our walking tours and discover the different facets of Medellin!

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