Guatape Rock Tour

Guatape Rock Tour

Guatape is a very tourist place. It allows you to take photos of lakes from the top. While you can walk in the colorful streets and enjoy the traditional food here. Contact us to arrange our best transportation and tour guide to confirm your tour. ( Blog )

Guatape is an Andean resort town in northwest Colombia, east of Medellin. This region is known for its houses decorated with colorful bass reliefs. It sits by the vast, artificial Peñol-Guatapé Reservoir, a busy water sports center. Piedra del Peñol is a giant granite rock southwest of town, with hundreds of steps to the top and sweeping views. The nearby Marial Stone is a big rock with an overhang.

Visitors can scale the rock via a staircase built into one side. This path includes more than 649 steps to the top. On the flat top of the rock, you have food vendors that offer outdoor tables overlooking vistas. A view that stretches to the horizon in every direction. Above the food vendors are two gift shops and an open-air viewing area where you can see the spectacular scenery.

You can visit two monasteries that belong to the “Benedictinos” Communities. The monks are devoted to receiving and sharing with visitors.

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