Metro Cable Car Tour

Medellin Metro Cable Car

What are your feelings before enjoying a Metro Cable Car Tour? A spectacular view of the city and the various neighborhoods. From high above, take a cable car ride up the side of the mountains and stop in unique areas. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit that place with Medellin VIP services.

If you plan to visit Medellin and its surrounding neighborhoods, a Metro Cable Car Tour is a fantastic way to experience the city from above. With spectacular views of the city and unique neighborhoods, this tour is one of a kind. Medellin’s cable cars were built for locals living in steep neighborhoods to give them an easier way to access the rest of the valley. Although not designed for tourism or leisure, this daily transportation system is a significant part of the city’s social transformation. Don’t miss your chance to experience this fantastic tour with Medellin VIP services.

Medellin’s cable cars were built as part of the city’s metro system. This system facilitates access to the rest of the valley for locals living in some of the steep neighborhoods of the city. This is the beauty of it!

Medellin’s cable cars were not designed for tourist or leisure purposes. This is the daily transportation of locals in an effort of social transformation. The first was built over 15 years ago when the city was still going through difficult times. This makes their significance even more powerful.

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