Medellin Taxi Service

Medellin Taxi Services

Medellin Taxi Service is available in two forms – local yellow taxis and private SUVs. Local taxis are widely available and relatively inexpensive. The minimum fare for a taxi is 4,600 COP (about 2.50 USD), and the meter should always be on and will start at about 3,700 COP. The only exception to the meter possibly not running is on the fixed-cost taxi departing from the airport. Tipping is not required, but it is expected to round up the fare to the nearest 1,000 COP. However, local “yellow” taxis are small and basic, making accommodating 2-3 people comfortably tricky.

This is why we recommend using our Medellin taxi service.

When entering or departing from a cab, it is important not to slam the door, as the doors on the small cars are deceptively light, and the driver may glare at you. You can sit in the front or back seat, as there is no difference. If you have large bags, the driver will usually help you with them. It is best to avoid giving the driver 20,000 COP or 50,000 COP notes.

Each taxi company has its number to call, so you may want to ask which local company best serves your area.

Be a VIP with our Medellin Taxi Service

On the other hand, our private SUVs are clean, reliable, and available for tours, dinners, or sightseeing trips. However, the rates for private SUV taxis are variable. More on our blog


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